Ecology & Sustainable Development

Global sustainable development lies at the heart of our work. In Germany as well as in our offices worldwide, a wide range of projects and activities focus on questions regarding environmental protection, sustainable use of resources, the promotion of renewable energies, sustainable agriculture, climate change, etc. According to our understanding, the concept of sustainability is not merely limited to its ecological dimensions, but also to the issue of equitable social development and cannot be separated from the question of how to decouple economic growth from resource consumption and negative environmental impacts.

China is faced with huge challenges in all of these areas. China’s government has committed itself to improve its own ecological situation and also wants to take on a more responsible role globally.

In this program area the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Beijing Representative Office together with its partners engages in debates for example on China’s energy and climate change policies as well as China’s new environmental protection law. We support organizations to do research and capacity building. We also organize study visits and provide a platform for different Chinese as well as international stakeholders to debate and share their expertise.