What we do

China accommodates one fifth of the world’s population and has become the second biggest economy in the world. These developments have increased China’s influence on the world economic stability, international politics and global security. Although China already has a stronger voice in today’s global economic and political affairs, its role still is inadequately reflected in the current world order. China’s position is becoming more relevant in all fields of global governance. At the same time there has often still been a lack of profound knowledge about these developments and it’s not uncommon that international debates are one-sided and determined by stereotypes.

hbs China program observes how market reforms and globalization processes do change China’s economic, ecological, social and political patterns. Beyond that we try to gain a deeper understanding of the overall implications of global trade, transnational investment and international exchange for China, their respective partner countries as well as for Europe and worldwide. hbs with its network of offices and partners wants to provide a platform for sharing knowledge and jointly debating global developments in order to foster mutual understanding around the globe.

Our activities in this program focus on mainly two areas:

• Chinese overseas investment and development assistance
• China in Global Governance particularly in the new groupings of states G20 and BRICS