Sino-German Dialogue on Ethnicity, Integration and Diversity

Traditional Hakka Village Buildings. Creator: Christina Sadeler. All rights reserved.

Since 2005 the Heinrich Böll Stiftung, first in cooperation with the China Center for Comparative Politics & Economics (CCCPE) and since 2010 with the China Center for Overseas Social and Philosophical Theories (CCOSPT) (both under the Central Compilation & Translation Bureau) has annually held a Sino-German Dialogue to discuss new developments in the party systems of both Germany and China. For the 5th dialogue the focus was shifted towards current social policies. And since 2009 it mainly focused on questions about ethnic diversity and social and economic integration. The last dialogue was held in March 2013 in Fujian Province in South China in cooperation with CCOSPT and Fujian Normal University on ‘Ethnic Diversity Under Fast Economic and Social Transformation’ including views from China, India and Russia. Among the participants from China, Germany and India were academics, representatives from Chinese Think Tanks as well as civil society organizations and the directors of hbs offices in Russia and India. The two day conference followed by a one day visit tour to traditional Hakka villages provided an important platform for exchange and debate on those complex questions.

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