Gender Journalist Workshop

Gender equality is a focus area of Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung world-wide. In China media reports often lack a gender sensitive language, reinforce gender stereotypes and fail to look into gender relevant aspects of social developments. Since 2011, the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, first in cooperation with Caixin Media Group and in 2013 with China Media Foundation has organized three sessions of gender training workshops for journalism professionals of frontline Chinese media. The workshops were aimed to raise gender awareness of the journalists. Through lectures and discussions, case studies and field trips the workshops provided an important platform to built up linkages among media professionals, scholars in the field of media study and gender, and gender advocacy NGOs, in order to promote profound discussions on gender perspectives in media reports and the interrelationship between gender equality and social justice.


The 3rd Gender Journalist Workshop was held from 8th till 10th June 2013 in Beijing. This project has also provided reporting grants for the participants to encourage and support more in-depth journalism reports in the field of gender equality.

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